Do you like cats and quilts? Cause Kimberly does! Oh, and coffee.


I'm a fairly new quilter - three years I guess?  I started rather ambitiously with a full size quilt for my husband and I. After machine piecing it, I decided to hand quilt so I could work on it while we watched tv in the evenings. I was hooked. I've hand pieced and quilted everything since.  It's my zen. 

About a year ago, I was gifted with the most amazing scrapbook that my great grandmother Kate made.  It contained layouts for 25 quilt squares.  Some are colored with crayons, some cut out and pieced with construction paper, even a few that are water colored.  It's gorgeous and breathtaking and made me cry as I looked through it. I decided then that I wanted to recreate them and blog about them.  They need to be shared with the world.  Or at least a small part of it.  So this will be my journey of creating Kate's quilts as well as my other sewing adventures.