The Scrapbook

The first is the worst, right? I really want to write this blog but am terrified of writing this blog. Ok, what I really want to do is just post a bunch of pictures and let them speak for me. That works, right?

Fine. Reality is that pictures may speak a thousand words but they aren't going to type for me. So I'll just start. Soon. Honest.

Long story short but here's how this all began. Last year, my Aunt Ruby moved in with my cousin Betty. Aunt Ruby is actually my great aunt - she is my grandfather's last remaining sibling. Betty is actually my mom's cousin which makes her my second or first removed or something like that. You can explain it to me 10,000 times and I'll never get it. a squared plus b squared equals c squared, I get. Lineage, not so much.

Anyway, my Aunt Ruby is 90 (?) and has never been married. Her mom, Kate, lived with her for years but passed away when I was an itty bitty. I was old enough to nick name her PomPom but not old enough to remember her. Makes me sad because I'm pretty sure she's my spirit animal.  

When Aunt Ruby finally decided she needed to move in with Betty, she had a ton of stuff that needed re-homing. Remember that unmarried part? She spent years buying and collecting what she liked and her house was chock full of the most amazing things. A lot (LOT) of it came to my house. Some is still in my garage waiting for its perfect spot but at least it has a home. We spent several weekends helping to clean out and pack up and rescue stuff.  

In addition to the items that I chose, Betty gave me some of Grandma Kate's quilting stuff, including a scrapbook and a box full of quilty goodness. My husband wouldn't let me open any of it on the hour drive home - he said I'd get too wrapped up in and should wait. When we got home, I crawled onto my bed and opened the scrapbook. As I went through the pages, tears flowed down my face. I'm tearing up just thinking about it. The pages were so delicate they started falling apart as I moved through the book. It contained twenty-five quilt square drawings. Most were named - Pidgeons in the Window and Rocky Road to California - but not all. Some had envelopes that contained pattern pieces with notes written on them. Some of the drawings had been colored with crayons. Some pieced with construction paper. Some water colored. WATER COLORED!!! Who does that? Kate did.

I decided then that I wanted to re-create all of the squares and blog about them. They need to be shared with the world. My plan is to post about one every two weeks. In between, I'll share parts of the box of quilting goodies that Betty also gave me. I'm going to see if Aunt Ruby will share some stories with me about Kate. Hopefully get some pictures from family of Kate's quilts. I have one that I'll share. Plus there are some quilt pieces in the box - I'm going to try to finish that quilt for her.

So that's the story. That's what I'm doing here. I'll post my first block tomorrow. 'Til then - I'm off to quilt and pretend like my quilt photos typed for me.