Triple Bow Tie - the first Kate block

triple bow tie.png

After six months or so of secret sewing, I'm super excited to be able to show off some sewing again. I'll be even more glad when I can share the secret sewing but they aren't quite done. Soon, tho. They are both baby quilts so I have to finish before the kids are too old.

I finished the first of Kate's blocks today. I started with the Triple Bow Tie. It's one of the blocks that she water colored which makes it one of my favorites.

My theme for all of the Kate blocks is blue and white. I've chosen to use strictly Art Gallery fabrics for this project. There is an end run plan for them that I'll share later.  Assuming I like the blocks as much as I plan to!

Along with the painting of this block, Grandma Kate also had an envelope of pattern pieces. I love the notes she wrote on envelopes and pattern pieces.

The first pattern piece says "trip bow tie" then "2 dark, 2 light".  The bottom states "Original pattern cut by Mrs. PR Emert, about 1918."  1918 y'all! 

My version isn't nearly as delicate as her water color painting but I love it. I used fabrics by Katarina Roccella and Amy Sinibaldi - you can get the details if you hover over the photo.


I did learn a bit about how much I don't know. I want my finished blocks to be 12 1/2 inches square so they will finish out at 12 inches square. I thought I had my quilty math down pat but I didn't do the half square triangles quite so well. I found a chart online - thank goodness for all the quilting resources out there - and added 7/8 of an inch to what I wanted the finished size to be. Somehow, I still ended up with them too big. Since I hand piece, I can't just trim to fit. So I finagled a bit, trimmed as much as I could and then sewed a little off center. Overall, the block ended up a smooch too big but it'll work out in the end.