Attic Window - third block

So. This blogging thing is hard! It's hard to be motivated enough to do this on a regular basis. After a day of work, even though my head is full of things to say and pictures to share, I crawl up on my couch and instead of reaching for the computer, I reach for sewing every time. Well, I guess I didn't tonight, eh? I'm so excited to share this week's block. In my head, every week, I say "this is my favorite" but this week - really - it's my favorite.

Pulling the fabrics for each block starts out every time with lots of Nopes and Uh-Uhs and a few "I don't like any of the fabrics I bought for this project" then somehow I pull the right combination and pow! Just like that I'm happy. My husband is color blind and I always ask him how fabrics go together which makes me crack myself up every time. [sidenote: I'll have to share the story of taking him to buy the material for our bed quilt someday.] He usually just shrugs and says no and yes and nods his head.

Anyhoo... today's block is called Attic Window. Kate's envelope of pieces for this one says "cut the 3 corner piece" then "1 seam allowance larger on the long side will fit better". I think that's what the first part says. Doesn't make any sense to me. But this envelope also has her name on it. Makes me happy.

Almost as happy as this square. It's made from two of my favorite fabrics that I've gathered for this project. I told myself that I was going to wait until the very perfect block to use these. Then I used both on one block - the center and the corners. Both of these make my heart flutter.

I did finish a project this week - can't wait to show it off.  It'll be a few weeks before I can tho. But it's super fun. This week I've got to square up a finished project so I can bind it. Need to do some final piecing on another project so I can quilt it. All secret sewing - the babies get to see them first!

Enjoy this block - I'll try to get another post up soon.