Second Kate Block - name unknown

The second of Kate's blocks and I managed to get another water color one! It still amazes me that she did that. Wait until you see one that she paper pieced! This picture doesn't do it justice - it's a lovely (cough cough) shade of neon yellow.

I'd like to take moment to again complain about quilty math.  Although I do think I finally figured it out this week. I'm NOT going to admit what I was doing wrong. Way too embarrassing. Anyone else out there get confused by quilty math?

Anyhoo... I love this week's block. It used a piece from Pat Bravo's Dare line - Thread on Delight and a piece from Bari J.'s line Petal and Plume - Panache Profundo. I love Kate's envelope and notes on this one. She scribbled the square on the envelope - because the painted one wasn't enough. The square pattern piece says "4 light, 1 dark or reverse the color" "Pattern copied from a quilt owned by Mrs. (we can't read her writing) Catoe in 1920" and "name unknown to me". Maybe I should call this one "Unknown To Me" because I am a bit of a smart alec....

I hope you like this block as much as I do. Not much of a story to go with this one. I had originally planned to do a block every two weeks then decided over the weekend to do one a week so I had to hurry up and do this one. Already missed a blog deadline - wanted to do them on Mondays but you know, life. Hopefully next week I'll have some more background story. Until then - enjoy!