Quilts, sand and sticker burrs

Last fall I was invited to attend the beach wedding of two people who began as my daughters friends but have become family to my husband and I. Before the wedding, the bride asked if I would keep an eye out for cheap blankets for the reception. After the ceremony, they planned to have fireworks and dessert on the beach and she wanted blankets for people to sit on and cuddle up in. It was a fall wedding in Texas so there was no telling what the weather would do.

My heart lit up and I asked if I could be in charge of the blankets. Ok. Fine. I kinda didn’t give her a choice. My planning wheels started spinning.

The guest list was approximately 60 people so I had to plan big. I had dreams of a gorgeous set up on the beach but yeah, that didn’t happen. I brought several old old suitcases and a ton of old quilts, blankets and some picnic cloths. I also brought every one of my newly made quilts. 

We set up at the entry to the walkway to the beach on some benches I had the quilts and blankets stacked and overflowing and it was just perfect. It was a chilly evening and I was thrilled that many of them were actually used. I even got a great picture of the bride and groom with one. My heart smiles every time I see it.

The next morning, we left our beach house to get coffee and breakfast from the main house next door. There were quilts piled up on a table. We went upstairs to the entry and saw abandoned quilts on the porch chairs. My heart smiled some more.

My husband and I gathered up the quilts and blankets and started repacking them. Some had sand in them, others had sticker burrs embedded all over. My husband had asked me before the wedding why I wanted to bring all of my new quilts - they are going to get dirty, he said. As we were packing them up, he said it again “I don’t know why you brought the ‘good’ quilts!”  I looked at him and replied, “This is what quilts are made for.”