When I started this blog, I had grand plans. I was going to post every three days or so - at the very least, once a week. I had originally planned to make one of Kate's blocks every two weeks and them all being done the beginning of December.  Then I decided to do one a week so I could be done mid-summer so I'd have time to finish the top and get it quilted before my goal of next year. I thought I'd come up with cool things to talk about from Kate's stuff and all the quilts I'm making.

What I didn't realize was that the word blog actually means to completely freeze up whenever you are in front of the keyboard. I've started a dozen blogs in my head. I even dictated one to Siri and attempted to translate my gibberish. What I've discovered is that I just have to give myself a pass on the expectations. I need to be more regular (haha insert poop joke here) about writing and posting but this whole deadline thing has to go. 

So here's a no photo post about what I've been up to. And still need to do!

Still working on the two baby quilts. One just needs to be trimmed and bound - my favorite part. And i love the binding I'm using on this one. It's scrappy and may be my new go to way to do binding, even if it takes longer. All of the pieced blocks for the other baby quilt are done and sewn into rows. Just need to put the last few rows together, square it up, sandwich and quilt it, square it back up, and bind it. Oh and make the back and binding. That's all!

I've got one secret project going, three more to start and love every single one of them. I can't wait to share them and the other secret sewing I've done. 

I need to work on my daughter's quilt - I need to finish piecing it. Quilty math is involved there so I've been putting it off. My quilty math has been a little off lately. I gifted my first hand piece quilt top to my mom last year at Christmas but haven't quilted it yet. I started a double wedding ring quilt for my best friend's 20th wedding anniversary. I'm hoping to get it done by her 25th. I think my problem with that one is that I'm not sure I like the quilt for her and her husband.

I need to make some memorial quilts for friends. One for my sweet sister in love made with her father's clothes for her mom. I've managed to get them unboxed and looked at. I think we're going to make a work day out of that one and get all of the girls to help me piece it then I'll quilt it. Four more for a church friend using her husband's ties. I'm totally going to cheat with this one and have a work weekend with my mom and get them done. I have some good ideas; just need to schedule some time with my mom.

Silly me stopped my Fat Quarter Shop monthly sewing box and thought I'd try their Aunt Grace Baskets of Scraps block of the month. Got the first kit in this week and realized that it's an appliqu├ęd quilt. Never caught that. So now I have to learn a new thing. I also want to start the Farmer's Wife quilts. Because I have nothing else to do. I want to piece my 100 blocks from the 100 Blocks 100 Days challenge I did last year.

Plus a secret project for my husband. A wedding quilt. A very overdue wedding quilt. A palette cleanser project I started for no reason. A gingham hexie quilt. 

I think that's it. Oh - and Kate's quilt blocks. I can't forget those. I have finished one that I haven't posted yet but it goes along with one of my secret projects. I have gotten several cut out and ready to piece. I'm going to pretend that this will break my writer's block and let my angst go.

OH! The most exciting thing that's happened is my very amazing and talented and super cool graphic designer kid created a logo for my for blog! It's gorgeous and was one of the best birthday presents every. We should get it up in the next week or so. Can't wait for everyone to see it!

Take care, have a great weekend and keep sewing.